Amazon Teams are comprised of human females from the continent of Lustria, the "New World" of the Warhammer Fantasy and Blood Bowl setting. Essentially, the Amazons are the sole survivors of a lost Norse colony, a society of warrior women who breed with captives and are well regarded for their beauty, cunning, and martial prowess.

The Blood Bowl Competition Rules v6 present a very interesting Amazon team. All Amazon players begin the game with the Dodge skill, which makes them incredibly potent as a running team. While they have a lower armor value (AV 7) than most standard human players, all Amazons have some sort of access to Strength skills, which can make them very potent in the bashing game.

Players Available

0-16 Linewomen

0-2 Amazon Throwers

0-2 Amazon Catchers

0-4 Amazon Blitzers

The Star Players Helmut Wulf, Willow Rosebark, Roxanna Darknail, Zara the Slayer, Bertha Bigfist, and Morg 'n' Thorg are available for inducement by an Amazon team.

Play Style and Tactics

Amazon Teams begin with a huge advantage, as all players start with the Dodge skill. This is perhaps one of the most useful skills in the current edition of the game, allowing for an explosive offense that is difficult to catch and fast to score. That said, this skill can be negated with Tackle, a skill that some teams (most notably Dwarfs) begin with in large supply. If caught unawares by players with Tackle, Amazon teams can be quite fragile, as there can be a huge gulf in protection between Armor 7 and Armor 8.

That said, it has been stated in more than one place that properly coached Amazon teams can take on even the toughest of opponents with a very good chance of winning. The venerable BBTactics site recommends the Amazons as a good starter team for beginning players.

Amazons should be categorized as an Agility Team.

Famous Amazon Teams

Although there are some references to Amazon teams going back to first edition Bloodbowl, the most well known Amazon team in the current game is probably the Amazon All Stars, as this is the team that the current Amazon boxed set is said to be based upon.


Games Workshop produces an official Amazon team. As of the time of writing, it was still available for direct order from the GW website.

Most of the Alternative Miniatures sources have their own versions of female Blood Bowl players and they are, as might be guessed, quite popular. The most famous Amazon teams are probably manufactured by Shadowforge, a company specializing in female miniatures, but reasonable Amazon proxies can also be acquired from Impact Miniatures and Gaspez Arts; there are also a number of limited edition female Blood Bowl player miniatures available with a judicious web search, and this can net a wide variety of sculpts, ranging from the conservative to the revealing.