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Blood Bowl was originally created by Jervis Johnson for Games Workshop. Although not the first of its kind, Blood Bowl is notable as the most commercially successful and popular attempt at creating a sports miniatures game; in this case, the game parodies American Football, but brings in elements of Australian Rules Football and Rugby as played by numerous fantasy races in a setting similar to, but distinct from, the "Warhammer Fantasy" setting, also published by Games Workshop. In the years since the first edition of what players will recognize as Bloodbowl, in 1988, the game has been lauded worldwide by miniatures gamers as a successful attempt to combine sports, a healthy dose of humor, and high fantasy in the same, unusual, package.

As a testament to the popularity of Bloodbowl, the game itself has inspired numerous spinoff products: video games, a series of books, even a run of graphic novels, as well as a number of independently developed fantasy sports games, some of which have proven to be commercially successful in their own right. Nevertheless, Bloodbowl retains a loyal following, with legions of loyal fans.

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