High Elf teams first appeared as playable teams in third edition. High Elf teams are comprised of the noble High Elfs/Elves of Ulthuan, the island kingdom inhabited by their race in the Games Workshop fluff. As in the main fantasy warfare game from which they were taken, the High Elfs of Blood Bowl are noble and beautiful to a fault, and they are often regarded as arrogant and disdainful of their fellow Blood Bowl players.

Some High Elf teams are notorious for refusing to play with other races. One team, the Dragon Princes, is cited in fluff for refusing to play any other team of lesser social standing, with an end result that the team in question folded after a season with no matches.

Players Available

0-16 High Elf Linemen

0-2 High Elf Throwers

0-4 High Elf Catchers

0-2 High Elf Blitzers

The Star Players Soaren Hightower, Dolfar Longstride, Prince Moranion, Eldril Sidewinder, Zara the Slayer, and Morg 'n' Thorg are available for inducement to High Elf teams.

Play Style and Tactics

High Elf teams are perhaps the best balanced of the Elven teams in Blood Bowl. They have decent agility, speed, and protection, and have the least expensive positionals among the Elven teams represented in the current version of the rules. Like all Elf teams (with the possible exception of the Dark Elfs), however, they lack an abundance of hitting power and are expensive teams to maintain. It has been opined that their lack of starting skills can make them a difficult team to play outside a League setting, but this could easily be said to be true of nine tenths of the teams currently in the game.

The venerable Blood Bowl Tactics site strongly suggests that High Elves make a good beginner team for a player interested in playing with an Elven team.

The High Elves are, like most of their Elven cousins, regarded as an Agility Team by most Blood Bowl players.

Famous High Elf Teams

Two of the earliest mentioned High Elf Teams include the Galadrieth Gladiators and the Caledor Dragons.


Games Workshop, of course, has produced a number of High Elf teams over the years. The current is a holdover from the era just after the publication of 3rd edition, in which Games Workshop attempted to make its teams look more like the Fantasy Armies they are based upon. This has since been admitted to be an error by Jervis Johnson, but no plans for a new set of sculpts have been announced.

Elfs are among the most popular player models for producers of fantasy sports miniatures. Virtually any source of fantasy football miniatures will have High Elves of one type or another. One particularly recent and well regarded team is the High Elf/Human team produced by Black Scorpion Miniatures. Some lovely alternative models from a variety of sources can also be found by looking through the various Elfen team entries at the excellent

Fantasy Football Store.