LIzardmen are another team occasionally referenced to in the earlier Bloodbowl references, but only made playable in 3rd edition. Certainly, the Lizardmen probably played some role in the early form of Bloodbowl referenced in regards to the Slann.

The Lizardmen were one of the new teams added with 3rd edition and, at the time, generated a lot of interest. While the team has had its devoted fans from the beginning, Lizardmen appear to be one of the less common teams in the world of Bloodbowl, with appearances in various Leagues and tournaments being the exception rather than the rule. The Lizardmen are generally classified as an Advanced team, owing to the necessity of combining the disparate elements of the roster and make it effective.

Players Available

0-16 Skinks

0-6 Saurus

0-1 Kroxigor

The Star Players Helmut Wulf, Hemlock, Lottabottol, Morg 'n' Thorg, Queztal Leap, and Slibli may be induced for play by a Lizardman team.

Play Style and Tactics

Lizardmen are a team of extremes. Their agile players can handle the ball in most cases without much difficulty, but are small, weak, and poorly protected. Their larger players are quite effective at bashing, but slow and with Agility 1, the worst rating in the game. While they are one of the teams capable of consistent one turn touchdown plays, doing so requires careful sheparding of resources and an advanced understanding of how the game works. New players can prosper with the Lizardmen, but they should be prepared for a steep learning curve.

Famous Lizardman Teams

There are few Lizardmen teams referred to by name in Bloodbowl fluff. The boxed set offered by Games Workshop is said to represent the Lustrian Cobras.


Games Workshop currently offers an official Lizardman team set. In addition, there are a few alternatives. Impact Miniatures carries a line of "Sarcos" reptilians, and there is a very nice looking Chameleon team offered by Gaspez Arts. At one time, RAFM offered a line of fantasy football lizardmen as well, which were previously available through Impact.