Minotaurs are Big Guys that may be hired by Chaos, Chaos Dwarf, and Chaos Pact teams. As might be expected, Minotaurs in Blood Bowl are the Minotaurs of Greek Legend - essentially bull headed humanoids with cloven feet and tails.


Move: 5

Strength: 5

Agility: 2

Armor Value: 8


Minotaurs begin with the Loner, Frenzy, Horns, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, and Wild Animal Skills. The skills that Minotaurs have access to upon advancement vary based upon the team for which they are playing.

For Chaos teams, Minotaurs have normal access to Strength and Mutation skills, with access to General, Agility, and Passing skills on doubles. Chaos Dwarf and Chaos Pact Minotaurs have access to Strength as a normal advancement, but have General, Agility, and Passing skills as well as Mutation when rolling doubles.

Play Style

Minotaurs are often used on the line for defense, or as blitzers. Many players recommend them as backfield blitzers, owing to their enormous strength and relatively aggressive play style. Because they are Wild Animals, Minotaurs are more useful when Blitzing/Blocking other players, as they are less likely to comply when asked to perform non Blocking/Blitzing actions. Their relatively low agility makes them less useful as ball carriers, however, upon being given the ball on a Toucback Kick Off Result, Minotaurs can be nigh unstoppable ball carriers, albeit relatively slow ones.