Ogres are, perhaps, the best known Big Guys in the Blood Bowl game, and have been in the game since the very earliest days of development. Most notably, the Star Player Morg 'n' Thorg, the most valuable Star Player in the Blood Bowl circuit today, is a proud Ogre, as is Bob Bifford, one of the two professional commentators used in previous editions of the game and in the most recent computerized version of the game, produced by Cyanide Studios.

Ogres are said by Games Workshop to be the second largest of the Humanoid races (Giants, who have also played Blood Bowl from time to time, are much larger.) They are large, thick skulled, and relatively dim-witted, though it has also been said that they are "positively brilliant" when compared to their Greenskin equivalents, the Trolls. In Blood Bowl Terms, they play on their own Ogre teams, but they are also available to Human teams, as many Ogres live in The Empire and Bretonnia, the two principal Human realms in the Blood Bowl setting. In previous editions, Ogres were also available to Chaos teams, but this is no longer the case. A variation on this theme, Chaos Ogres, can be found with the Chaos Pact roster, however.


Move: 5

Strength: 5

Agility: 2

Armor Value: 9


Ogres playing on the Ogre team begin with the Bone-head, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, and Throw Team-Mate Skills. Humanaligned Ogres are similar, but they are also burdened with the Loner skill, which makes them somewhat less likely to make use of team re-rolls.

Ogres normally have access to Strength skills upon advancement; they may develop General, Agility, and Passing skills on doubles.

Play Style

Ogres are arguably most well-rounded selection among the available Big Guys in Blood Bowl, because they are the most "intelligent" of the Big Guys and because, while still relatively low in agiliity, they are still better skilled than other, less agile Big Guy players. In addition, the Throw Team-Mate skill can make Ogres incredibly useful when used on Ogre/Snotling teams.

Nevertheless, Bone-head is a huge disadvantage if a player is unlucky enough to roll a '1', as the Ogre essentially forgets where he is for a while, and all of his tackle zones evaporate. This is a problem unique to Ogre type players, and can be a serious weakness.