Rat Ogres are gigantic, mutated Skaven. Like their smaller cousins, they are essentially anthropomorphic rats hyper-evolved by contact with the mysterious substance known as Warpstone. Despite the name, they have no known relation to Ogres.

Although Rat Ogres are one of the oldest Big Guy types, having appeared in miniature form at least as early as 2nd edition, they have through all that time been available only to Skaven teams, and are one of the unique assets available to the budding Skaven coach.


Move: 6

Strength: 5

Agility: 2

Armor Value: 8


Rat Ogres begin the game with the Loner, Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Prehensile Tail, and Wild Animal Skills. Upon advancement, they have access to Strength skills on normal skill rolls, whilst they have access to General, Agility, Passing, and Mutation skills on doubles.

Play Style

As might be expected of giant Skaven, Rat Ogres are the fastest Big Guys in Bloodbowl. They combine this speed with respectable strength and good armor protection. While their agility is not wonderful, they are among the "better" of the Big Guys in terms of Agility capability.

Like most Big Guys, Rat Ogres are used largely on the defensive line; however, they are also very popular as Blitzers, like their fellow Wild Animal Big Guys, the Minotaurs. While they lack the horns that make the Minotaurs even more potent in this role, they are still quite a powerful asset when properly utilized. Because of the Wild Animal Skill, they are more reliable when called upon to harm an enemy player, rather than relying upon them as ball carriers. A Rat Ogre with the right mutations can be a truely frightening opponent, indeed.