Trolls are Big Guys that may be hired by Goblin and Orc teams. Slight variations on this theme may be found with the Chaos Pact and Underworld teams. In Blood Bowl, Trolls are said to be the largest of the Greenskin (or Goblinoid) races. Although they have evolved over time, the current Troll miniatures oroduced by Games Workshop very much resemble oversized Goblins. Alternative Minatures available for Trolls vary considerably from this theme.

In Blood Bowl fluff, the Trolls once formed their own teams with Snotlings. However, the Trolls had a tendency to eat their teammates, and as a result, they were never successful in professional play. The Troll/Snotling roster last appeared in v5.


Move: 4

Strength: 5

Agility: 1

Armor Value: 9


Trolls begin with the Loner, Always Hungry, Mighty Blow, Really Stupid, Regeneration, and Throw Team-Mate Skills. Upon advancement, Trolls have normal acces to Strength skills; on doubles, Trolls have access to General, Agility, and Passing skills.

Play Style

Trolls are big, nasty, behemoths capable of inflcting a great deal pf punishment upon their enemies. They can also be somewhat useful with Stunty players, as the Throw Team-Mate skill allows them to rapidly advance their diminutive friends up the pitch. They are sometimes regarded as the best protected Big Guys in Blood Bowl, since the Regeneration skill allows them to shrug off damage that would kill off most other Big Guys.

That said, Trolls are most commonly used defensively. The Really Stupid skill ensures that Trolls are not the most reliable of players, and their relatively slow movement and tendency to eat the same players they are capable of throwing with the Always Hungry skill makes them less desirable in a highly offensive mode. There is currently a great deal of debate in the Blood Bowl community about whether Trolls are truely worth the cost, given their lack of reliability, but those who enjoy playing with Trolls are often willing to take the good with the bad.